Welcome to Baby Names 1000!

On this site you'll find interesting charts, tables, and tools to help you explore the top 1000 names given to boys and girls in the U.S. each year from 1880 to the present. There are currently 7,359 names in our database, and this number grows by about 30 to 40 names each year as new names first enter into the top 1000 baby names list. The most recent baby name data is the 2023 baby name statistics which were published by the Social Security Administration in May of 2024. The next update is expected to happen around Mother's Day in May of 2025.

One special feature of this site is the mini-charts which tell a lot about the rankings history of a name. The mini-charts are just a small version of a bigger chart we create for each baby name. For example, the mini-chart for the baby name Leslie, , is just a small version of the big chart for Leslie shown below.

Baby Name Tools

Top Baby Names - The top baby names tool enables you to look at the top 1000 baby boy and girl names for every year from 1880 to present.

New Baby Names - The new baby names tool enables you to see the new names that first made it on the list of the top 1000 baby names in any year from 1881 to present.

Search Baby Names - With this tool you can search the baby names using the underscore "_" and asterisk "*" as wildcards. The underscore represents one of any letter and the asterisk represents 0 or more of any letter.

Number of Letters per Baby Name - I used the search tool above to see what the distribution of the number of letters per baby name looked like. The most frequent number of letters was six letters, and the least frequent was eleven letters.

Gender Neutral Baby Names - With this tool you can see which names were most frequently given to both boys and girls in the current year as well as in previous years.